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Making Agro

LANFarms helps agro-business and buyers to connect through a marketplace and engage in agrocommerce.

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With LANFarms you get value for your time and money. Using the state of the art e-commerce system to power agro-businesses, LANFarms provides a better way and channel to shop and sell agro-based products and services across Nigeria. LANFarms offers dozens of plans perfectly to suit your needs.

Vast Awareness

Garner vast audience using SEO, and detailed analytics that help shape your metrics, boosting your business ROI.

GeoLocation Tags

Let your customers find you using locale functions, thereby boosting your accessibility and sales conversion.

Mobile Compatibility

We understand the power of on-the-go, hence our platform is fully compatible with mobile and smartphones for convenience.

Cloud Efficiency

Using the state of the art cloud computing and partners, grow your agro-business without any downtime.

Multi Vendor Marketplace.

An Online Marketplace platform that includes everything you need to build a successful agro online business. Compatible with different tools & services.

Bring entrepreneurship to your fingertips. Start creating your eCommerce brand with LANFarms Multi-vendor Marketplace solution.

Add wallet credits.

Transfer and receive money with ease through our encrypted and secured digital wallet to enable you to pay for items and shop conveniently on the LANFarm platform.

With the use of our wallet which can be funded by our payment merchant pay way, you are better equipped to not lose track of your purchases. You can send money across to your friends and family who might be running low on cash to shop.

Make sales easily.

With LANFarms you have better opportunities to make sales and connect to not just customers, but customers in your locale, this is part of our product design approach to ensuring that agro businesses can cope in the world of technology.

The problem in agriculture is sales, and the hindrance behind sales is storage. About 85% of the food produced in Nigeria are wasted. Thus, with LANFarms, merchants can sell their agro products easily and fast as possible (AFSP).

Seamless integration

LANFarms facilitates the process of adding sellers and keeping track of their sales. Sellers can create their store with a variety of agro products.


Step 1

Signup on LANFArms.

Head over to the LANFarms Commerce portal, and signup with ease using direct signup or our various integrations available.


Step 2

Create your profile.

Create a profile as a buyer or merchant, attach relevant documents and start exploring around, after an instant verification process.


Step 3

List and start selling.

List your products, create categories, add your payment account, and all relevant information to enable buyers to connect with you or your business.




Global Marketplace


Best eCommerce Platform

By Startupill

Manage Invoicing & Delivery.

With LANFarms you get the state of the art agro-commerce tools to manage your invoice and delivery.

We understand the need to scale fast for businesses, thus our technology systems allow a business to speedily engage for sales conversion.

Have a question?

Kemi Bamidele

LANFarms is an agro e-commerce marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of agro products together seamlessly.

Yes, LANFarms charges 10% commission to vendos/merchants selling on the LANFarms platforms and marketplaces.

LANFarms merchants/vendors are expected to signup using their registered business details, upload their identification dettails, and provide a payout bank account.

Yes, LANFarms is available across the globe. Visit our Commerce portal to get started.

Inline with the regulation of various regions LANFarms operate, LANFarms adds a VAT to products in compliance with local tax laws.

LANFarms partners with logistics providers in the case of a vendor not being able to fulfil a delivery. Aside that, LANFarms only provides delivery  for products that are produced and sold by LANFarms. We plan to provide robust delivery services in the nearest future.

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Create individual stores, manage your inventories and shipping while you can earn enough on your sales.

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